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 Devee - Cleanser products -

 Thorough skin cleansing is the first step toward a perfect complexion. Devote a few minutes to your cleansing ritual every morning and evening: it’s the best investment you can make for a radiant, vital appearance. Deep-down yet gentle cleansing opens your skin for the active ingredients in the skin-care products to follow. Freed from left-over sebum, dead skin cells, dirt particles, perspiration and makeup residue, your skin can breathe easier. Imperceptibly, it achieves peak performance: the skin cells renew themselves in a regular cycle, the natural acid mantle remains intact and prevents penetration by harmful environmental substances, and at night their regeneration process switches into high gear. You can help your skin accomplish these jobs by selecting the right cleanser products. A good choice is the DEVEE CLEAR SKIN cleansing system: a soft cleansing milk or a fat-free gel and a soothing, spray-on tonic – that’s all you need to keep your skin clean and supple-soft and feeling pleasantly refreshed!