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Sensitive skin reacts quickly with redness and irritation to external influences such as sun rays, temperature fluctuations, environmental pollution or cosmetic products with fragrances and preservatives. The skin is often red, spotty with small pimples and very dry. Because most people who suffer from sensitive skin tend to have very dry skin. The daily care for sensitive skin should always focus on calming, balancing and strengthening the skin barrier. The mild and perfume-free products from Comfort Zone are ideal for this. From the Skin Regimen Cleansing Cream, to the soothing and nourishing Remedy Defense Cream, to the invigorating Remedy Serum, discover Comfort Zone's sensitive skincare treatment at Bestkosmetik and restore your skin's balance.

Comfort Zone
€ 12,95
Comfort Zone
€ 51,95 GP: € 1730,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 24,95 GP: € 190,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 43,50 GP: € 440,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€30,00 € 21,95 GP: € 170,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 77,25
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