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Doctor Eckstein Cosmetics stands for highly effective, purely plant-based and optimally compatible skin care products. For more than 70 years, the brand has been developing innovative organic cosmetics that bring body, mind and soul back into a healthy balance with their unique formulations. The products are made from precious flower oils, pure plant extracts and nourishing vitamins. No chemical additives, silicones, paraffins or mineral oil are used in the production process. Whether mature, blemished, dry, sensitive or impure skin - the individual care lines are optimally adapted to every skin need. From the Doctor Eckstein azulene paste to the Doctor Eckstein carotene moisturiser to the intensively nourishing Doctor Eckstein collagen balm, discover the natural care products now at Bestkosmetik and ensure a healthy, fresh and radiant complexion.

Doctor Eckstein
Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein
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Doctor Eckstein - Sustainable skin care systems for natural beauty 

Since its foundation in 1949, the family-owned company Doctor Eckstein Kosmetik has focused on promoting and preserving natural beauty. The company's products are based on a pharmaceutical and bioscientific approach. The purely herbal organic cosmetics are developed and produced in Germany under the highest pharmaceutical standards. As a quality-conscious brand, all essential steps from research and development to production are carried out at Doctor Eckstein. The innovative formulations consist of highly effective, herbal and optimally compatible ingredients. These are obtained and processed in a resource-conserving manner. These include, for example, the Doctor Eckstein azulene paste, high-quality hyaluronic acids and plant extracts from stem cells. During production, the brand completely dispenses with mineral oil, artificial additives, parabens and silicones. In addition, the focus is on high quality standards, respect for animals and the environment and the issue of sustainability. The products stimulate the skin's natural processes and support its ability to regenerate.

Doctor Eckstein stands for integrity - high-quality organic cosmetics based on pharmaceutical and bioscientific principles.

Doctor Eckstein stands for quality - each product is manufactured in Germany according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Doctor Eckstein stands for innovation - effective and highly effective skin care systems that cater individually to the different types and care conditions of the skin and have power ingredients such as azulene, natural enzymes or collagen. 

Our favourite: Doctor Eckstein Azulen Paste - Line

Are you looking for an effective skincare product that minimises blemishes, redness, pigmentation and makes your skin look even? Then Doctor Eckstein Azulen Paste is exactly the all-round talent you are looking for. But why is the paste so intensively nourishing? It consists of a zinc oxide and natural pigments. This has a strong calming and balancing effect on the skin. Pimples, blemishes and even pustules disappear in the blink of an eye. It is therefore also suitable for acne. Normal and low-maintenance skin is well cared for with the subtly tinted Azulene Moisturising Balm. The mattifying Azulene Clear Balance Powder easily covers impurities, redness and pimples and ensures a beautiful complexion.

The company history

In 1949, beauty enthusiasts Dr. Richard A. Eckstein and Linde Eckstein launched the first three Azulene cosmetic products.

1950 - Dr. Eckstein, a natural scientist, always pursued the goal of combining his expertise in pharmacy with the findings of bioscience to develop highly effective care products that meet the care needs of every skin type - regardless of age.  

In 1957, Dr. Richard A. Eckstein was awarded the internationally recognised Prix Cidesco for his innovative developments and research results. 

In 1961 - as a result of further successes in the company's own areas of research and development, the elementary connections between the skin and the psyche became more and more apparent. Dr. Eckstein deepened his knowledge at the University of Munich, but never lost sight of the further development of his brand and was one of the first companies to introduce sun care products to the German cosmetics market. 

In 1976 - after his successful doctorate, son Dr. Gerd Eckstein joined the family-run company and took over the management of the development and production department. The system care for sensitive skin and the first men's care products were developed. 

In 1985, Dr. Gerd Eckstein and Iris Eckstein developed the first treatment concepts for professional cosmeticians. After the German-speaking countries, the concepts quickly conquered the American cosmetics market. Another success were the first liposome products, which Eckstein released in the same year. 

In 2003, Dr. Gerd Eckstein became managing director and took over the areas of development, production and marketing. 

In 2009 and 2013, there was a generation change at Eckstein. Dr. Gerd Eckstein became owner and managing partner and his wife Iris became managing director in Germany. 

In 2015, Iris Eckstein and daughter Verena conquered the YouTube world with the spot Timeless Beauty. As a doctor specialising in naturopathy, it was particularly important to Verena Eckstein to incorporate more sustainability into the products and introduced active ingredients from plant stem cells into the Eckstein Kosmetik product range. The Skin Solutions 4-10-100 are the basis for an optimal care routine. Since 2015, Iris, Verena and Michael Eckstein have been focusing on this area, presenting it in a new way and thus combining tradition, knowledge and zeitgeist. 

With a view to a more sustainable future, Doctor Eckstein production today technically imitates bionic processes through biological processes and various materials. These production processes enable a more sustainable use of natural resources. 

Buy Doctor Eckstein cosmetics online at Bestkosmetik 

With Doctor Eckstein cosmetics in five steps to perfect skin 

In order to preserve the natural beauty of the skin for a long time, it is particularly important to care for the skin on a daily basis. The five-step care plan can be easily integrated into everyday life and leaves the skin looking youthful, healthy and cared for. 

Step 1: Cleansing 

The basis for beautiful, young and fresh skin is daily facial cleansing. From milk to oil to gel, the cleanser should always be tailored to the skin's needs. For example, start with the gentle Doctor Eckstein Azulen Cleansing Oil. The oil removes impurities or waterproof make-up in the first step. Spread the cleansing oil over the face, neck and décolleté and massage it in with damp hands. Then wipe off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Then continue with the Cream Cleanser. The mild and soothing cleanser with aloe vera and a cactus flower extract effectively removes any remaining debris and prepares the skin for toning. 

Our tip: Apply the packs and treatments once or twice a week, depending on the condition of your skin. These give your skin an extra portion of care, optimise the skin's appearance and intensify the desired care goal. For impure skin, the highly effective Doctor Eckstein azulene paste is an absolute must-have. It makes impurities disappear and has a calming effect. Apply the paste locally to skin impurities in the evening after cleansing and leave it on overnight. 

Step 2: Toning

In the second step, refreshing toners are used. These remove the last residues from the skin, moisturise and also have a calming effect. We recommend the Facial Toner. This is enriched with essential oils that revitalise the skin's appearance and neutralise the pH value. 

Step 3: Skin care serums

The highly dosed active ingredient complexes optimally prepare your skin for the following care products and intensify their effect. Whether dry, sensitive or blemished, the active ingredient boosters bring the skin back into balance. The Doctor Eckstein Active Concentrate Hyaluron Complex Serum intensively moisturises the skin, optimises elasticity and tone and can be applied to both dry and normal skin. Always apply serums before day and night care. 

Step 4: Eye care

The lips and eye area is the most sensitive part of our face. The skin on the neck and décolleté is also exposed to various harmful factors every day. Doctor Eckstein organic cosmetics offer the sensitive areas the appropriate ingredients that protect them, provide rich care and optimise their needs. From the eye care balm with sterols, bisabolol and wheat germ extract to the nourishing lip balm and the firming Decollete Supreme care for a beautiful neck and décolleté area, the rich creams minimise the signs of time and make the skin look fresher, younger and more vital. 

Step 5: Day and night care 

Day care: Temperature fluctuations, UV rays or fine dust, our skin is exposed to various environmental influences every day. For this reason, it is especially important to protect it with the appropriate skin care and to care for it sufficiently. As soon as the skin is attacked by external factors and its protective barrier is weakened, dryness, impurities or a premature ageing process can occur. Doctor Eckstein cosmetic products effectively protect the skin from harmful environmental influences during the day and support the regeneration process at night with their innovative, pure plant-based ingredients. Whether the light Doctor Eckstein Carotene Balm or the Doctor Eckstein Collagen Balm, the day care products give the skin everything it needs to be able to perform its skin's own functions smoothly. 

Night care: It can be a little richer at night, because here the skin recovers from the various influences during the day. The fruity-scented Doctor Eckstein Carotene Moisturiser provides intensive moisture and new energy. The Doctor Eckstein Azulen Milk Protein Cream, on the other hand, has a soothing effect and restores the skin's natural balance. The soothing and nourishing plant active ingredients for the night regenerate, refresh and ensure a radiant complexion in the morning. 

Doctor Eckstein Body Care

High-quality oils, nourishing waxes and rich plant extracts give the body skin a soothing, gentle feeling. Doctor Eckstein body care products refine, refresh and revitalise the skin with their unique active ingredients from nature. They regulate the skin's moisture depots, strengthen the protective barrier and nurture it into an optimal balance.