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In 1972 the brand Mary Cohr Cosmetic was designed by Jean-Daniel Mondin, Dr. of pharmacy and Madame Mary Cohr. Science and the sense of beauty met and a beauty brand was created, which is now known worldwide for its innovative products. The French-system care is free of parabens, chemical filters and genetically modified additives. Mary Cohr Cosmetic relies exclusively on highly effective and natural active ingredients in product manufacture - as close to nature as possible. From the care cream Hydrosmose, to the gentle cleansing foam Mousse Ecobiology or the Ice Lift face mask with dual action - order the cosmetic products of the French brand Mary Cohr now at Bestkosmetik.

Mary Cohr
Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Mary Cohr
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Nature's Laboratory - The Most Natural Proof of Love for Your Skin 

In 1972, the pharmacist Dr Jean-Daniel Mondin met the famous beautician Mary Cohr in Bordeaux. The Mary Cohr Cosmetic brand was born from this union of science and beauty. Today, the company stands for exclusive care methods, patented technologies and natural cosmetics from France. With more than 45 years of experience in the field of beauty care, the brand today enjoys international recognition and popularity in 50 countries with over 6000 Mary Cohr institutes. The natural power of plants with their high effectiveness and skin compatibility make the facial care and body care products so special. Mary Cohr Cosmetic was one of the first brands to develop natural cosmetics to offer the skin the best that Mother Nature can give. Thanks to the three values of safety, efficiency and naturalness, the laboratories still select the highly effective and innovative active ingredients from plants and integrate them into the individual product lines in the highest possible concentration. Mary Cohr is one of the few cosmetic brands worldwide to have received the highest quality standard certification ISO 22716 from the international certification body Bureau Veritas. This certification requires extremely high standards for manufacturing. Compliance with these standards ensures optimum product quality, for example, through sterile production rooms, clean water and strict hygiene measures for employees. From production to delivery, all Mary Cohr cosmetics are subjected to constant testing and inspection. This includes double weight checks and ensuring the traceability of each product.

Good to know: With its dermatological aesthetic and aromatherapeutic beauty care, the brand belongs to the Guinot & Mary Cohr Group, founded by pharmacist Jean Daniel Mondin.

The story at a glance

1973 Scientist and pharmacist Jean-Daniel Mondin and Madame Cohr, a renowned cosmetics teacher, meet. Mondin and Cohr develop innovative formulas and treatments for numerous beauty salons. Cohr expresses her innovative ideas and reaps great rewards.
1975 The brand expands.
1976 The first Mary Cohr treatments are offered in numerous beauty salons by beauticians. The professionalism of the beauticians and the effectiveness of the treatments quickly made the salons and the brand itself successful.
1986 The CatioVital treatment is developed and the brand shines with a green and yellow logo.
1990 The "Crèmes d'Essences" are launched. They consist of a composition of hydrogenated essential oils. Using a new patented process, the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. The brand positions itself as an expert in active care, acting as a real "medicine" for the beauty of the skin.
2000 The first franchise institute is opened.
2005 Launch of TechniSpa - The slimming revolution in beauty salons.
2011 Opening of the Guinot - Mary Cohr Academy.
2017 Creation of the first national "Masters of Beauty" competition for the company's best employees.

What makes the products so special? 

All Mary Cohr Cosmetic products are based on scientific findings and are produced according to strict pharmaceutical standards. In the manufacture of the products, the company combines three 100% natural and highly effective essential oils. In the process, the essential oils are transformed into hydrogels through a specially developed hydro-gelling process. These gels are quickly absorbed, moisturise the skin and leave it smooth and supple. In contrast to pure oils, the hydrogels with their valuable active ingredients can penetrate the skin much better and unfold their effect:

Rosemary oil - has an invigorating and firming effect. In addition, rosemary oil promotes circulation and has a warming effect.

Sage oil - has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect. It also has an antiperspirant, antispasmodic and antibacterial effect. 

Lavender oil - has a relaxing and calming effect. It can reduce nervousness, insomnia, stress, anxiety and panic attacks and relieve headaches.

In 5 steps to beautiful skin with Mary Cohr Cosmetic

Mary Cohr's exclusive skincare products are formulated for every skin type to naturally and effectively beautify the skin's appearance. Based on the latest scientific advances and discoveries, the brand has developed patented skincare methods that visibly and sustainably rejuvenate the skin.  

Step 1: Make-up removal & cleansing

Thoroughly cleansing your facial skin in the morning and evening lays the foundation for visibly beautiful skin. Use Mary Cohr products to thoroughly rid your skin of impurities so it can breathe freely again. Through basic cleansing or exfoliation, you also create the optimal basis for the subsequent care products and their effectiveness. Because even the best care products only fully unfold their effect when the skin has been optimally prepared. The Lait Démaquillant Douceur cleansing milk with rose and chamomile extracts is suitable for all skin types, perfectly removes make-up from the skin and provides a tidy freshness effect. Gently massage in a small amount of cleansing milk in circular motions and then rinse off with water. For particularly gentle cleansing, we recommend the Ecobiology Mousse Nettoyante cleansing foam. It strengthens the skin's natural acid mantle and cleanses deep into the pores.  

Our tip: If you use waterproof mascara, use the Eye Clean two-phase remover before cleansing. Simply put it on a cotton pad, place it briefly on the eyes and then gently remove the eye make-up. 

2. natural serums / specials

After cleansing comes the extra portion of care. Serums are usually more concentrated than face creams and provide the skin with power ingredients. Especially when you notice skin changes and daily care is no longer sufficient, serums effectively solve the skin problem. The cell serum Hydrosmose provides the skin with valuable moisture, sustainably reduces moisture wrinkles and conjures up a beautiful radiant complexion. Apply the serum in the morning and evening after cleansing and before the skin care cream. For mature skin, we recommend Age Signes Repair with 60 cell nutrients. It fights the visible signs of skin ageing and revives cellular activity. 

 3. effective face masks 

Use nourishing face masks 2-3 times a week depending on skin condition. Refreshment and anti-ageing in one product? Then Masque Nouvelle Jeunesse is just what you need. It moisturises the skin and also smoothes annoying dryness lines. Apply the mask to cleansed face and décolleté, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with water. For impure skin, we recommend MatiMasque Purifiant. It needs to be left on for 5-10 minutes, minimises excess sebum, balances the skin and ensures a radiantly beautiful complexion.  

4. radiantly beautiful eyes

There's one thing we can't do without in our daily skincare routine: eye care. Nouvelle Jeunesse Contour Yeux visibly rejuvenates and brightens the eye area. It inhibits the formation of free radicals and is suitable for all skin types. As a fourth step, apply the eye care to the cleansed eye area in the morning and evening. Gently pat the cream in with your fingers and let it absorb. 

5. créme de la créme

Mary Cohr facial care is multi-faceted and has the right solution for every skin type. Whether you need nourishing care for irritated and stressed skin or a regulating day care for oily and blemished skin, the Mary Cohr product lines cater to every skin need. An absolute Mary Cohr classic is the Hydrosmose face cream. It is suitable for all skin types and provides optimal moisture throughout the day. The olive extract gives new energy and suppleness, the vitamin E fights free radicals. For mature skin, we recommend the Specific Rides anti-ageing care cream. It provides more elasticity, reduces wrinkles and protects against environmental influences. Apply the creams as a fifth step in the morning and evening to cleansed skin and massage in gently. 

The best active ingredients from the heart of nature

Mary Cohr Cosmetic stands for excellent beauty results through highly effective skin care and innovative technologies. The French system care consists of the efficient and natural power of plants. The combination of active ingredients and essential oils make the products so special. All products are paraben-free, paraffin-free, not tested on animals and particularly skin-friendly.  

Bestkosmetik is an official Mary Cohr Cosmetic partner. Order your favourite products of the French natural cosmetics brand comfortably and safely in our online shop. Our shipping team will lovingly pack your order and also include great product samples in the package. Your order will reach you within a few working days. Buy Mary Cohr products on account, free shipping in Germany from 30 € and benefit from our Bestkosmetik discount promotions. Do you have any questions? No problem, write info@bestkosmetik.de or call 05221/1787057. We will be happy to help you.