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More than 50 years ago, chemical engineer Jean Daniel Mondin founded the French cosmetics brand Guinot. His goal was to preserve the natural beauty of women with innovative and high-quality beauty products and to protect them from the aging process. Today Guinot Cosmetic has over 18,000 institutes in over 84 countries and is one of the most popular brands when it comes to cosmetics made in France. The products are developed and manufactured with pharmaceutical accuracy and care in the Paris laboratories. The Guinot laboratories are among the few cosmetics companies that have been certified to the highest quality standards by the international certification company Bureau Veritas. From the day care Bioxygene, through the BB-Cream Hydra Finish to the Longue Vie Yeux eye cream - order your favorite Guinot Cosmetic product now in our Bestkosmetik online shop.

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High quality care products from France

For 50 years, the French brand Guinot Cosmetic has focused on women's beauty. With its unique active ingredient care and innovative beauty treatments, the cosmetics company has already made it its mission to revolutionize skin care on the market. Today, Guinot is an internationally recognized brand and the market leader in institutional cosmetics in France. Well over 18,000 institutes in 84 countries and highly qualified cosmeticians work on behalf of beauty with their expertise and know-how. All products are developed and manufactured in Paris, the headquarters, according to pharmaceutical standards. The research and development laboratories carry out permanent tests and evaluations of active ingredient complexes, which are developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings in order to constantly improve the effectiveness of the formulas and products.
The brand's innovative cutting-edge technology and pharmaceutical-medical cosmetic products, provide immediately visible and lasting results. The individual care products deliver immediate effects on skin problems, effectiveness and effective anti-aging solutions. For example, the ingredients in the Longue Vie skincare range can provide significant results in the anti-aging sector. This Guinot Cosmetic product line contains a patented active ingredient complex of 56 biological cell nutrients, these state-of-the-art active ingredients are used to treat severe burns in medicine. Active ingredient cosmetics are used for positive and continuous improvement of the skin. Compared to purely cosmetic care products, which usually only have a superficial and short-term effect, the focus here is on deep and long-term effects. The individual active ingredients are contained in very high dosages in the formulations of the products. The effectiveness of the products is not tested on animals, this promise also applies to the future. 

Skin compatibility 
The combination of valuable natural oils, vitamins and plant-identical active ingredients makes the skin care from the house of Guinot Cosmetic so special. The environmentally friendly cosmetics brand completely avoids animal testing, allergens, parabens, kerosenes and mineral oil in the manufacture of its products. Instead, ingredients made from renewable raw materials are used, which guarantee high skin compatibility. There is no fixed definition for skin compatibility, as skin types vary, for example, what is very skin tolerant for a dry skin may cause a rash and more pimples for an impure skin. Guinot product lines are skin tolerant because they do not cause skin irritation or skin changes due to their natural active ingredients.

The history of Guinot Cosmetic
Through his father, a plastic surgeon, current CEO and Guinot founder Jean Daniel Mondin discovered his passion for beauty. He studied pharmacy and earned his doctorate. In 1972, Mondin founded the Guinot & Mary Cohr Group. In 1986, using his pharmaceutical know-how, he joined forces with the renowned Professor Raichvarg of the Coaching Hospital in Paris to study the effectiveness of a care complex on severely injured burn victims. During this collaboration, the two pharmaceuticals discovered the legendary "Cellular Life Complex." This is an effective active complex that stimulates the formation and regeneration of skin cells. Driven by the idea of integrating this highly effective nutrient complex into skin care products, Mondin developed "Longue Vie Cellulaire," the first skin-renewing moisturizer. The high efficacy and innovation of this skin cream brought Guinot to the forefront of the French cosmetic cosmos even then. The cosmetics laboratories were the first in the world to develop skin care products containing 56 biological substances of the cellular nutrient solution. This complex of active ingredients is still used today in medicine to help the skin form new cells. Guinot research laboratories are constantly working to further improve the skin's ability to absorb active ingredients. To measure the effectiveness of its products, the brand has created its own institute, integrated into the research center; which exclusively measures the performance of the products based on numerous parameters. 

Ethical skin care 

As an eco-friendly brand, Guinot is always mindful of the environment when it comes to the composition of active ingredients and packaging: active ingredients are selected to respect the environment's scarce resources and are derived from renewable, non-GMO plants. All Guinot Cosmetic products are free of animal testing and are manufactured without parabens. Waste water and waste are disposed of in accordance with ecological regulations in collaboration with professional waste treatment companies. Care and protection of the environment is part of the Guinot philosophy and the brand's environmental management has been certified by the internationally accredited Bureau Vertias. 

Good to know: Guinot Cosmetic, with its high-tech laboratories, is one of the few cosmetics companies in the world certified by the international certification body "Bureau Veritas" to the highest quality standards (ISO 22716) and environmentally friendly production methods (ISO 14001): ISO 22716 Certification - the certification guarantees high manufacturing standards such as clean rooms, pure water, double weighing as well as traceability of each product. ISO 14001 Certification continuously monitors the environmental impact of companies.

The company history at a glance

1972 - Pharmacist Jean Daniel Mondin founded the Guinot & Mary Cohr Group
1975 - The Guinot brand expands into over 70 countries
1986 - In collaboration with Professor Raichvarg of the Paris Coaching Hospital, the legendary Guinot "Cellular Life Complex" is discovered and the Longue Vie Cellulaire face cream is launched
1998 - The brand opens a new Guinot & Mary Cohr research laboratory
2000 - The first franchise institute is opened
2004 - Guinot launches the DNA-based sun care Nucleic Defense and develops the first face cream with Cellular Energy
2005 - The slimming treatment TechniSpa conquers the treatment booths
2006 - A new manufacturing facility that meets pharmaceutical standards is established. 
2009 - Two new depilation methods are launched - The laboratories obtain the internationally recognized ISO 22716 certification - The innovative Techni-Spa treatment is launched
2010 - The highly concentrated anti-aging Time Logic Age Sérum is launched
2011 - The Hydradermie double ionization facial treatment is offered
2012 - Opening of the Guinot & Mary Cohr Academy
2012 - The brand receives ISO 14001 certification for environmental management excellence 
2016 - The Smart Salon training app is released 
2017 - The first national "Beauty Masters" competition for top employees is launched

Guinot Cosmetic product lines offer the right solution for every skin problem: 

Age Logic: Aims to "reprogram" the logic of cellular aging and effectively combat the effects of aging.

Longue Vie: This line offers all the essential active ingredients to ensure a young, smooth complexion.

Bioxgygene: The oxygen care line brings out the natural radiance and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. 

Nutrition: The line is enriched with nourishing active ingredients specially designed to regenerate the skin. It compensates for the natural lack of lipids and gives the skin new energy.

Hydra: Guinot's moisturizer for dry skin, permanently optimizes the skin's moisture balance.

Sensitive: The soothing care series for sensitive skin.

Sun Care: Sufficient protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Our Guinot recommendations for you  


Mousse Nettoyante Bioxygéne: The cleansing foam provides our skin with optimal oxygen. It effectively removes impurities and leaves the skin clear and clean. Apply in the morning and evening, massage in and then rinse off. 

Mousse Nettoyante Microbiotic: The clarifying cleansing foam cleanses oily skin deep into the pores and is intended for daily use. Moisten your face and neck and apply the foam to your skin using circular motions. Then rinse off with water. 

Extra care 

Serum Hydra Cellulaire: The serum is a real moisture booster. It nourishes the cells, gives moisture-deprived skin new energy and smooths annoying moisture wrinkles. You can use the serum as a cure when your skin is particularly thirsty. To do this, apply at least five drops of the serum to cleansed facial skin in the morning and evening. Then apply your regular facial care.

Masque Vital Anti Rides: Your skin urgently needs relaxation? Then the anti-wrinkle mask is just right for you. It provides immediate relaxation and additionally smoothes the skin's appearance. Apply the mask 2-3 times a week to cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water. 

Guinot Eye care 

Serum Créme Hydrazone Yeux: This lightweight anti-aging moisturizer for the eyes is instantly absorbed, smoothing wrinkles and crow's feet and rejuvenating the eye area. Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin and gently pat in.  

Créme Longue Vie Yeux: The lifting eye cream effectively stimulates the formation of new cells and thus rejuvenates the eye area. Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin and gently pat in. 

Guinot Facial care 

Creme Hydra Beauté: An absolute bestseller. The moisturizer provides and the nourishes the skin and also improves cell cohesion. Apply the cream in the morning and evening. You can also use it optimally as a make-up base.

Hydrazone P.D.: Are you looking for a day and night care for particularly dehydrated skin? Hydrazone P.D. provides lasting and intensive hydration. It leaves the skin soft and supple and replenishes the moisture balance. Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté after cleansing.

Hydra Finish: Want a moisturizer that optimizes your skin tone and conceals minor redness? Then discover the Hydra Finish complexion-optimizing care for yourself. It provides the skin with important care substances and gives it new vitality. The encapsulated pigments provide a beautiful, even glow when applied.  

Body care 

Huile Mirific Gold: Pure gold for the body. The dry oil for the body and hair leaves a beautiful shimmer and a delicate powdery scent. Plant oils and vitamins give hair a new shine.  

Lait Hydrazone Corps: The body lotion with argan oil nourishes the skin velvety soft, refreshes and revitalizes it. Apply the wonderfully fragrant body lotion to dry body skin after showering. Guinot stands for active cosmetics, immediate effects, and innovative anti-aging.  

The French cosmetics company has established itself as the cosmetics market leader in France by developing state-of-the-art technologies and patented treatment methods. The cosmetic products are based entirely on scientific-pharmaceutical findings and convince with impressive results.

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