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Do you dream about fine pores, less wrinkles and a beautiful, even complexion? With needling, dreaming has come to an end. But how does it work? The Dermaroller drives easily over the skin. The scooter has ultra-fine titanium needles that stick in the top layer of the skin. By stinging our skin is signaled that there are injuries that need to be repaired. In response to this self-healing process, our body reacts with the release of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The secreted collagen strengthens the connective tissue, elastin provides more elasticity and hyaluronic acid replenishes the moisture deposits of the skin. After the Microneedling, our skin is more receptive and should be properly maintained. It is important that the care products are free of any fragrances and additives such as emulsifiers, mineral oils, preservatives and dyes. Because these strain our skin unnecessarily and can cause allergic reactions. From the Wob'n'Roll Dermaroller XL and XL Slimline to follow-up skin care, discover the effective needling products for home now at Bestkosmetik.

€ 39,00 GP: € 78,00/100 ml
Elizabeta Zefi Dedictated To Beauty
€ 72,00 GP: € 72,00/100 ml
bdr - beauty defect repair
€ 88,00 GP: € 293,00/100 ml
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 176,00 GP: € 1173,00/100 ml
Klotz Labs
€ 49,00 GP: € 490,00/100 ml
€ 16,90
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 84,00 GP: € 280,00/100 ml
Comfort Zone
€ 64,50 GP: € 215,00/100 ml
Comfort Zone
€ 87,00 GP: € 348,00/100 ml
€ from 24,90
€ 16,90
€ 39,95 GP: € 80,00/100 ml
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