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The Comfort Zone Body Active products are specifically designed for people who want to intensify the results of their athletic activities. The care line provides for a firmer silhouette and for a healthy and fit-looking body. Use the products before, during and after training. The Body Active line is free of silicones, parabens, artificial colors, animal raw materials and mineral oils. Silicones, for example, have been replaced by butter and natural oils. These care for the skin supple and soft. From the firming Body Active Cream to the activating Body Active Booster - order your new Fitness Assistant now online at Bestkosmetik.

Body Active
Comfort Zone
€ 54,95 GP: € 270,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 36,95 GP: € 180,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 44,95 GP: € 450,00/1 l