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If the natural skin barrier is damaged, our skin reacts quickly erratically, sensitive and caressed. External influences such as heat, cold, UV rays or cosmetics lead to inflammation and redness. If, in addition, the natural microbiotics on our skin surface are not in equilibrium, our skin is no longer able to kill harmful germs and bacteria. The active ingredients of the Remedy line of Comfort Zone promote skin health, strengthen the defense and repair the natural skin barrier. Prebiotics from the enzymatic synthesis of sugars help to strengthen the microbiotics of the skin, plant extracts from the miracle flower reduce irritation and redness. Extracts from the seeds of the South African plant Marula replenish the lipids and fatty acids of the skin barrier. From the Remedy Defense Cream to the Remedy Toner - discover the Remedy products for soothing and strengthening sensitive, sensitized skin from Comfort Zone now at Bestkosmetik.

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The soothing care of Comfort Zone 

Is your skin very sensitive? Does it react quickly with redness, itching and feelings of tension to new cosmetics, sun or certain foods? Then you most likely suffer from sensitive skin. But why is your skin sensitive? Sensitive skin can have many reasons. Often it is because it has a high concentration of skin nerves that react to temperature changes, hormonal changes, wrong care products, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. Sensitive skin is dehydrated and its cells are no longer able to retain moisture. The upper skin layers dry out, the natural protective barrier is damaged, the skin is defenceless against harmful environmental influences and reacts with the typical symptoms of sensitive skin:

Itching and feelings of tension - Dryness - Small dandruff and pustules - Irritability to temperature changes, cosmetic products - Strong sensitivity to light. 

In addition, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, clothing, little sleep or even genetic predispositions can cause problems for the skin. If the skin's natural microbiome is also disturbed, it reacts with a high degree of sensitivity and needs skin care products that restore its natural resistance, soothe it and provide it with sufficient moisture. 

Remedy - the product line with a natural prebiotic to promote skin health. 

Soothing, balancing and strengthening - Comfort Zone's Remedy series offers an optimal care concept for sensitive skin. The products contain a natural probiotic that promotes skin health and strengthens the protective barrier. The natural plant extracts and nourishing oils soothe irritated skin, minimize redness and make it more resilient. Remedy promotes skin health too and provides it with additional protection against germs, pollutants and allergens. The Remedy product line provides the skin with power ingredients such as Mexican miracle flower that soothes irritation, regenerating marula oil that replenishes missing fatty acids and lipids and supports the natural protective mechanism. The Remedy care line of Comfort Zone gives an immediate feeling of relief, relaxation and gives the skin back its radiance.

The Remedy Skin Care Routine

Step one: Start with the gentle cleansing cream Remedy Cream to Oil. The innovative 2-phase texture of the care transforms from creamy to oily during application, gently cleanses the skin and soothes redness. Make-up residues, impurities and sebum are optimally removed and the skin balance is strengthened. Remedy Cream To Oil care leaves skin feeling velvety and soft. Apply directly to the skin in the morning and evening, massage in gently and then rinse off with warm water. 
Step two: To further soothe the skin, apply Comfort Zone's toning Remedy Toner after cleansing. The spray leaves skin feeling soothed and relieves redness and sore inflammation in an instant. You can also use the Remedy Toner several times a day, even over your makeup. 
Step three: Want to treat redness on your face locally or give your sensitive skin even more power? Then apply the soothing Remedy Serum after cleansing and toning. The light texture is quickly absorbed by the skin. The intensive serum soothes and strengthens the skin. 
Step four: In the fourth step, the two skin care creams Remedy Cream and Remedy Defense Cream are used. Remedy Cream is a light, moisturizing day and night cream that strengthens the skin barrier without clogging pores. The rich day and night cream Remedy Defense Cream is designed for very dry, sensitive skin. It effectively reduces redness, strengthens the defense system and soothes stressed skin. 

This is what you should pay attention to with sensitive skin 

- Accustom the skin slowly to new cosmetic products - sensitive skin needs longer time to get used to new ingredients 
- A healthy lifestyle - avoid stress as much as possible, eat a balanced diet, because good intestinal health is also reflected in the skin
- Drink enough fluids during the day 
- Cleanse your face once a day with a mild cleansing product - frequent cleansing attacks the acid mantle 

You should avoid the following if you have sensitive skin 

- Peelings with coarse abrasive particles - they weaken the acid mantle
- Sunbathing with low or no sun protection - UV rays irritate and additionally dry out sensitive skin 
- Skin care products with synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives - can cause irritation 
- Spicy and very salty foods, nicotine and alcohol 

Strengthen your sensitive skin with Remedy products from Comfort Zone and do something good for it. Do you have questions about the Remedy products? No problem, we are happy to help you. Call us or send us an e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you!