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It is our largest organ, it offers protection against pollutants and you can see immediately when we are not feeling well: the skin. Whether it's sun rays, rejection or dirt, our skin endures a lot every day. Especially people who live in the big city demand a lot from it every day. Due to the harmful environmental influences, skin health suffers, the natural barrier function decreases and we age much faster. To help your skin resist any pollutants and other stresses, Nu Skin has developed the Nutricentials product line. The products are based on the active ingredients of bioadaptive plants that grow in the most difficult conditions. The natural power of the products makes your skin more adaptable and strengthens its resilience. From the In Balance PH Toner to the Hydraclean Creamy Cleansing Lotion - discover the effective products of Nutricentials now at Bestkosmetik. 

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NUTRICENTIALS - The Anti-Pollution Care from Nu Skin  

Dust, sand, unbearable heat and not a drop of water in sight. Snow, ice and a cold that goes right to the bones. Both scenarios are hardly bearable for us humans. But there are plants that grow and thrive precisely in such severe conditions. These are bioadaptive plants, they are full of power and unique because of their adaptive properties. It is from these power plants that Nu Skin extracts the active ingredients for its Nutricentials skin care line. This is because our skin is exposed to fine dust and other radicals such as UV radiation on a daily basis. Nutricentials products help the skin to be more adaptable and resistant to everyday stresses.

Why are Nutricentials products so special? 

Quite clearly: the power of nature. The products from the Nutricentials line combine innovative results from science with the power of bioadaptive plants. Thanks to their effective composition, the skin adapts faster to changing environments. In addition, Nu Skin's skin care line is designed for all skin types and ages. City dwellers in particular benefit from the unique active system of the Nutricentials line. Because this protects their skin optimally against the harmful environmental influences in the big city.


What exactly are bioadaptive plant substances and which ones are used?

Bioadaptive plants thrive and grow even in extreme climatic conditions due to their adaptive properties. With these special abilities, Nutricentials products help skin adapt more quickly to changing environments or temperatures and make it more resilient to everyday stresses such as environmental exposure, UV rays, oxidative stress or humidity. 

For Nutricentials products, Nu Skin uses five plant extracts: 

Chaga mushroom grows and thrives in very low temperatures.
Siberian Gingsen is an insensitive plant species. It grows everywhere and is very adaptable.
Maral root one of the most hardy root plants and rich in phytoecdysteroids.
Resurrection plant grows in very dry desert area and survives long droughts
Rose Root is a highly effective plant that pulls nutrients from the soil and saves them for "worse" times.

How do free radicals affect our skin?

Unfortunately, it is no secret that air pollution - especially in big cities - is increasing every day. The consequences are not only adorable for our environment, also our skin suffers extremely. Especially free radicals, which are generated by air pollutants, consist of electrons, which see our skin as a reaction partner and settle on it. This in turn attacks our skin cells and cell membranes. The natural functions of the skin are disturbed. The skin loses elasticity and impurities and the first wrinkles appear. 

How do I care for my skin with Nutricentials products?

Step 1: Cleansing  
 The first step for a beautiful skin, is the facial cleansing. Start the day with the Day Away Micellar Beauty Water. Simply apply to a cotton pad and run it over your face. The refreshing micellar water optimally removes deposits on the skin. Afterwards, we recommend using the two cleansers HydraClean or To Be Clear. Moisten face with water, apply with circular movements and then rinse off. The skin appears revitalized and more radiant.
Step 2: Clarify face

After cleansing, clarify facial skin with either Nu Skin's In Balance or Here You Glow toners. This step optimally prepares the skin for further Nu Skin care products, the pH value is adjusted and the skin's natural moisture barrier is established.

Step 3: Extra dose of active ingredients 

Depending on the skin condition, you can use a serum in the third step. Serums provide an extra portion of care with their concentrated active ingredients. We recommend the Celltrex Always Right serum. The light serum has a refreshing effect and ensures supple and radiant skin.

Step 4: Day care and night care 

Now it's your turn to apply your daily skin care cream. Whether with sun protection factor, blue light filter, very creamy or light, always match the care to your skin type to avoid redness and irritation. For this, we recommend Nu Skin Creme Thirst Fix Hydration Gel Cream. The care provides moisture in no time, which lasts up to 24 hours and strengthens the skin's resistance. You can use the lightweight Thirst Fix Hydration Gel Cream in the morning and evening. 

Step 5: Additional Care - Exfoliation & Mask 

Sometimes our skin needs a little more than just daily skincare products. To achieve a perfect skin appearance, we recommend you to use Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub 2-3 times a week. It frees the skin from dead skin cells and reduces the size of pores. For a little nourishing wellness break, use the Spa Day Creamy Hydrating Masque. It soothes dryness and gives skin renewed energy and a healthy glow. 

Order Nu Skin Nutricentials products now at Bestkosmetik

Would you like to learn more about the Nu Skin Nutricentials products and their power ingredients or are you not sure which product suits your skin type? No problem, just send us an email or give us a call, we will be happy to help you.