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Comfort Zone was launched in 1996 by The Davines Group, still in the hands of the Bollati family. Dr. Davide Bollati developed Comfort Zone Cosmetic with the background to combine scientific knowledge, innovative research results and the powerful ingredients of nature with the holistic approach of harmony of body, mind and soul. From the Remedy, through the Hydramemory, to the Anti-Aging line Sublime Skin: All the products are made in Parma, Italy, in a factory that uses 100% renewable energy. During production, silicones are replaced by valuable oils and fats of natural origin. Order the high-quality and effective skin care products of the label Comfort Zone Cosmetic now at Bestkosmetik.

comfort zone
Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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Scientific knowledge, innovative research and natural effective ingredients with the holistic approach to the harmony of body, mind and spirit. 
Where does the Comfort Zone brand come from and how did it originate?  
Founded in 1996 in Parma, Italy, the Comfort Zone brand was then the first skin care line of the Davines Group, which is still owned by the Bollati family. The brand's vision is and has been to see the skin as a mirror of physical and mental health. The exclusive products combine powerful ingredients from nature with science-based skin care solutions to not only achieve effective results, but most importantly, restore harmony to the body, mind and spirit. The skin care brand works from the inside out and aims to significantly improve people's quality of life. Today, some 25 years later, Comfort Zone Cosmetic has become an internationally recognized manufacturer of high-quality skin care products and award-winning spa treatments. The power of natural and cutting-edge active ingredients allow end users to choose from a complete range of results-oriented product lines - for every skin situation. 
What makes Comfort Zone Cosmetic products so special? 

Behind the label is a team of 40 doctors and scientists who continuously research the most innovative and effective skin care solutions for every skin problem. Only the highest quality active ingredients are combined with the latest high-tech molecules and carrier systems. The result is maximum safety, efficacy and an optimal, pleasant skincare experience. All products are manufactured in Parma, Italy, with the help of renewable energies. In the process, the brand avoids parabens, mineral oil, animal ingredients and artificial colors. Silicones are replaced with high-quality oils and butters of natural origin. Comfort Zone formulations are suitable for vegans and dermatologically tested for unthinkable, their effective efficacy is clinically confirmed. Only recycled paper and recyclable materials are used for packaging. Thanks to the EthioTrees reforestation initiative in Ethiopia and manufacturing in a CO2 neutral factory, all products are CO2 neutral.
Good to know: The Davines Group, to which the Comfort Zone Cosmetic brand also belongs, was founded about 34 years ago. Today, the Group has three brands, 11 companies, seven subsidiaries and is represented in 92 countries with more than 34,000 customers worldwide. 
SCIENCE - Science is the guide In pursuit of excellence, products are always based on the latest medical and scientific research. 
SOUL - The skin, the soul and the environment in harmony.  The ultimate goal of the brand is to support and encourage people to invest time in their daily care. 
SKIN - Focus on the skin  The brand's ongoing research methods aim to understand how the skin works, thereby maintaining its beauty and vitality.


"By creating beauty sustainably, we encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment they live and work in, and the things they love."  Dr. Davide Bollati, Founder 

Good to know: on the Davines Village corporate campus, approximately 80% of the total area is planted. This includes the open air laboratory "Science Garden." The landscaped botanical garden is full of medicinal and aromatic plants, which are analyzed by the development lab for innovative molecules. These natural ingredients are then incorporated into new product formulations.  

How do I cleanse my skin with Comfort Zone Cosmetic? 

Essential is a complete skincare line that is ideal for daily cleansing, exfoliating and clarifying. The cleansing products gently remove impurities, debris and makeup. With daily use, skin is sustainably rejuvenated and glows clean and fresh. From the creamy Essential Milk to the clarifying Essential Face Peeling, the Essential line contains no parabens, silicones, mineral oils, is made of 99% natural ingredients and is suitable for all skin types. 

Which Comfort Zone Cosmetic products help with blemished skin? 

The causes of blackheads, enlarged pores and blemishes are many. They can be triggered by the use of the wrong cosmetics, genetic predisposition, hormonal fluctuations or an unhealthy diet. The Active Pureness care system with its special product formulations is suitable for oily skin prone to blemishes. When used daily, the combination of alpha and polyhydroxy acids, green and white clay and mangosteen extract actively fights acne, normalizes and improves the skin's appearance. From Active Pureness Gel to Active Pureness Mask to Active Pureness Fluid, these products reduce sebum production, diminish blemishes and provide a clear, matte skin tone.
Does Comfort Zone have products for sensitive skin?  
 If the skin's natural protective barrier is damaged, it reacts particularly quickly with irritation, irritation and sensitivity to temperature changes, UV rays and cosmetics. If the skin's microbiome is also out of balance, the skin can no longer protect itself from harmful bacteria and germs. The powerful ingredients in the Remedy Series promote skin health, repair the natural protective barrier and strengthen the skin's immune system. Enzymatically synthesized prebiotics strengthen the skin's microbiome, plant extracts from miracle flower reduce redness and swelling, and active ingredients from the South African marula plant replenish the skin's lipids. From Remedy Defense Cream to Remedy Toner with Comfort Zone's Remedy line, rebalance your skin.
Which Comfort Zone Cosmetic products do I use for dry skin? 
Is your skin dull and uneven? Does it react irritably to external influences and do you feel that it is aging faster? Then your skin is most likely thirsty. Comfort Zone's Hydramemory line, with its dual-action hydration, strengthens the skin barrier and boosts water distribution in the cells. From the Hydramemory Cream Gel to the lightweight Hydramemory Essence, the line's light textures are optimally absorbed by the skin and immediately satisfy its need for moisture.  
Is there an anti-aging line from Comfort Zone? 
Over time, the function of our skin decreases greatly, wrinkles form, fine lines appear and contours are less defined. Thanks to the Cell Support technology of the Sublime Skin line, cellular communication is reactivated and the skin becomes much firmer. The Sublime Skin products moisturize and proteinize, leaving the skin looking firmer, plumper and firmed. From the rich Sublime Rich Cream to the Sublime Skin Eye Patches with instant effect, all products in the line are free of parabens, silicones and mineral oil.  

Who are the skin regimen skin care products for? 

Sunlight, pollutants, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress, there are many external factors that contribute to accelerate the aging process of the skin. Whether it's smog, exhaust fumes or a hectic lifestyle, the skin is subjected to a lot on a daily basis, especially in big cities. To support the cell process of the skin and to protect it sufficiently against free radicals, the skin care brand skin regimen was developed. The unique skin regimen longevity complexes from organic superfood extracts such as indigo, spinach and maqui berries and the high-tech molecules combat the effects of modern lifestyle on our skin. From skin regimen Tripeptide Cream to skin regimen Night Detox Cream, the product line is free of synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal ingredients, artificial colors, mineral oil and parabens.

What Comfort Zone night care products are available?

While our skin is busy protecting itself from various stressors during the day, at night it activates the natural repair mechanism to compensate for the oxidative damage that has occurred. Renight night care products support this repair process with the antioxidant power of goji berry, as it is rich in beneficial vitamins and trace elements. The Renight line is additionally combined with valuable nourishing oils to sustainably repair skin damage and strengthen the natural protective barrier. From Renight Cream to Renight Vitamin Oil, the nourishing, anti-oxidant vitamin care protects, strengthens and rebuilds the skin barrier.  

Are Sacred Nature products purely organic? 

Sacred Nature is Comfort Zone's first purely organic skin care line. The products are rich in natural organic active ingredients, respecting the natural balance of the earth without wasting precious resources. The Sacred Nature line has a moisturizing, rejuvenating and firming effect. It contains buriti oil to reduce inflammation and a butterfly bush extract provides antioxidant protection. Organic shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E and sunflower oil nourish and moisturize the skin. Sacred Nature products are also suitable for particularly sensitive skin and vegans due to their natural ingredients.

What Comfort Zone Cosmetic body care products are available? 

Tranquillity - The time-out for body and mind: We often rush from day to day, rotating between work, family life and meetings. Bringing everything under one roof is our daily challenge. Stress, hectic and lack of sleep have an enormous impact on our health. To prevent the effects of stress, the label has developed the Tranquility series. The aromatic, nourishing bath and body care system contains a unique blend of essential oils to help manage stress and awaken deep calm and vitality. From Tranquility Body Lotion to Tranquility Home Fragrance, the products' calming scent is relaxing and stress-relieving. The high concentration of oil and butter nourishes the skin velvety soft, reduces tension and improves the quality of sleep. This line contains no silicone, no parabens, no mineral oil and up to 96% of the ingredients come from natural sources.

Aromasoul - an intoxicating aroma care ritual: activate your senses with the fresh scent of lemon and ointment! Fill the room with a delightful ambiance and Aroma Soul Mediterranean Candle and Aromasoul Mediterranean Roomspray, or enjoy a vibrant bath and body care ritual with the moisturizing and aromatic Aromasoul formula that will transport you to the Mediterranean coast and make you forget the stress of everyday life. Bring the spa experience home with Aromasoul products. 

Body Active - The After-Body Workout: Body Active products can enhance the hard-won workout effect. They are suitable for those who want to enhance the sculpting effect of physical activity by shaping the skin and protecting it from oxidation. The ease of use, natural ingredients and pure Body Active formula will leave your skin feeling firmer and more vibrant. 

Body Strategist - Bye-Bye Cellulite! Through a symbiosis of science, nature and technology, the label has created a sustainable and effective way to effectively reduce the visible signs of cellulite. Body Strategist uses a highly concentrated formula developed by skin care experts to renew, reshape and sustainably firm skin from head to toe.Specialist - for hands and feet: Specialist skin care products for hands and feet nourish tired and aching limbs after a busy day, allowing the body to recover optimally. Use Specialist Foot Balm every evening to nourish your feet and relax your muscles to the fullest. Specialist Hand Cream's special formula is rich in natural ingredients that not only softens hands, but also promotes nail and cuticle health.

How do I protect my skin from the sun with Comfort Zone Cosmetic? 

Sun Soul - enjoy the sun carefree: The Sun Soul anti-aging sunscreen line offers various forms of SPF protection. From nourishing creams to cooling sprays, Sun Soul has everything you need for adequate sun protection. The sun care products absorb quickly without leaving a sticky feeling or white marks on the skin. 

Water Soul - protect your skin and the oceans: when you combine the protection of the ocean with adequate sun protection for your skin, you're talking about Water Soul by Comfort Zone. The eco-friendly sunscreen line with its ecologically sustainable formulation allows you to enjoy the beach and the sun without harming the ocean. The products are highly water resistant, providing protection for up to 80 minutes, making them especially suitable for water sports enthusiasts. 

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