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When our skin is thirsty, it looks pale, uneven and it is cracked. In addition, it is very sensitive to external influences and ages faster. Therefore, it is so important to protect the skin from dehydration. Because only a good hydration of the skin gets its elasticity and luminosity. The Hydramemory line with dual moisturizing strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin. The light texture of the products quenches their thirst, optimally moisturizes them and provides an immediate feeling of freshness. From the Hydramemory Cream with macro-hyaluronic acids to the Hydramemory Serum - discover Comfort Zone's moisturizer now at Bestkosmetik.

Comfort Zone
€ 56,95 GP: € 950,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
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The 24 hour moisturizer from Comfort Zone

Water in our body 

60% of our body weight is made up of fluids, so water is essential for many important processes in our body. It regulates our temperature, helps remove pollutants and absorbs nutrients during digestion. Water is also the main component of our organs: 75% of muscles, 22% of bones, and 85% of the brain. We sweat, go to the toilet and lose two to three liters of water every day. In order to balance our fluids and maintain our health, we need to drink enough fluids to keep the processes in our body working. 

How does dehydration manifest itself? 

The first alarm signal of dehydration is thirst. When we are thirsty, the body sends us signals. This happens when we do not take in enough water or have lost too much water for various reasons. The consequences can include headaches, inattention, palpitations, dry skin, fatigue, decreased performance, digestive problems or increased susceptibility to urinary tract infections. However, dehydration can also have genetic causes, such as a poor water-fat barrier in the body.

Good to know: Did you know that we can survive about 15 days without food, but only 4-5 days without water? Therefore, water intake is more important than food intake. 

Water and our skin
The skin has a dual mechanism to maintain the best moisture balance: barrier function and moisture distribution. The outer epidermis, also called the stratum corneum, is up to 20-30% fluid and forms a protective barrier to the outside. The natural moisturizing factor is a thin layer of fat-free substances that protect the skin from pollutants and reduce evaporation. 
The distribution of water in the skin, is regulated by the so-called "aquaporins". These are tiny proteins that act like water channels. Water reaches our skin cells through these channels. In addition, hyaluronic acid, like a sponge, creates water reserves in our skin.

How can I tell that my skin is drying out? 
 When our skin dries out and becomes "thirsty," it quickly shows us: it looks grayish and pale, the complexion becomes cracked and uneven. It also reacts much more sensitively to external influences and ages more quickly. Therefore, it is especially important to drink enough fluids, only in this way you maintain the elasticity, health and radiance of the skin. 


The Comfort Zone solution for dry skin: Hydramemory  
Hydramemory is a moisturizing skincare line born from science and the power of nature - the deep and fast moisturizing treatment for skin. Hydramemory products hydrate the skin and leave it silky soft. With its dual moisturizing action, the product line strengthens the barrier function and optimizes moisture distribution in all layers of the skin. The light textures immediately quench the skin's thirst and leave it feeling fresh. Hydramemory products contain no silicones, parabens or mineral oils and are made with up to 99% natural ingredients. 
How do I use Hydramemory products correctly? 
 step one: The first and most important step is facial cleansing. Only clean skin can best absorb the active ingredients of the Hydramemory series. Use the mild cleansing foam Essential Face Wash. Mix the product in your hand with water until it foams and then gently massage it in. Rinse the cleansing foam off with warm water afterwards. 
 step two: In the second step, you can use Hydramemory Essence to give your skin extra moisture. The fragrance-free solution has a special moisturizing effect. To ensure that the Essence is absorbed particularly well, gently pat in the care. For particularly dry skin, we recommend using the Hydramemory Serum afterwards. Simply apply after the Essence and allow to absorb.
step three: Use the Hydramemory Mask to care for your skin 1-2x per week. This hydrating leave-on-mask contains high levels of hyaluronic acid and moringa oil to provide the skin with the best hydration in 3 just minutes. Apply very thinly, remove any leftover mask with a towel or cotton pad. 
 step four: Are you also so annoyed by a tired looking eye area in the morning after getting up and in the evening after a long day? We have the Hydramemory solution for you: apply the Hydramemory Eye Gel in step four in the morning and in the evening and the bags, puffiness and dark circles will disappear within minutes. The refreshing eye gel comes with a cooling metal applicator and it hydrates and visibly rejuvenates the eye area. Apply to cleansed skin with the applicator and gently pat in.
 step five: As a final step, it's the turn of the moisturizer. Please choose between the light Hydramemory Cream Gel and the classic Hydramemory Cream. The gel has a silky sorbet texture and provides instant freshness with watermelon, apple and lentil extracts. The cream with its high content of hyaluronic acid and moringa oil, optimizes moisture distribution and makes the skin visibly soft and radiant.
Our Hydramemory recommendation for you

Discover now the new 7-day Hydramemory Hydra & Glow Ampoule Intensive Treatment, which provides the best possible care for very thirsty skin. The highly concentrated formula continuously improves the skin barrier and hydration. Use the ampoule after cleansing and before the Hydramemory Essence. To do this, open the ampoule head, pour half of the concentrate onto your facial skin. You can use the contents of the ampoule for both the morning and evening skincare ritual.
Do you have any questions about Comfort Zone's Hydramemory line? No problem, write info@bestkosmetik.de or call us at +49 (0) 05221 1787057. We look forward to hearing from you.