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Are you looking for effective anti-aging products from BDR and would you like to buy them online? No problem. From Re-action Tonic Professional to Re-Vital PH Serum to the fruitacidpeeling Re-action Deep Skin Refiner - discover the products from BDR “Made in Germany“ at Bestkosmetik. With its innovative beauty concept, effective ingredients and dermazeutic expertise, the BDR Cosmetic brand offers an effective alternative to invasive surgery. Convincing - uncompromising - visible and that for every skin age and skin condition. Even after the first application your skin will be brighter, smoother and more fine-pored. Let the positive testimonials of our customers convince you and order the beauty products from BDR Cosmetic online at Bestkosmetik.

bdr - beauty defect repair
bdr - beauty defect repair
€59,90 € 49,95 GP: € 500,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€95,00 € 76,95 GP: € 2570,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€98,00 € 83,95 GP: € 1680,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€91,00 € 76,95 GP: € 1540,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€52,50 € 44,95 GP: € 450,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€49,00 € 42,95 GP: € 2860,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€105,00 € 89,95 GP: € 3000,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€7,00 € 5,95
bdr - beauty defect repair
€10,70 € 9,95
bdr - beauty defect repair
€38,50 € 29,95 GP: € 300,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€129,00 € 109,95 GP: € 2200,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€69,00 € 58,95 GP: € 1970,00/1 l
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bdr Cosmetic – A care system for every skin type

Behind the cosmetic brand bdr - The Medical Beauty Concept is a dermaceutical system that goes far beyond conventional skin care in its treatment of skin problems. Through the combination of innovative technology and highly effective dermaceuticals, the products of bdr achieve immediately visible results very close to medicine and are thus a highly effective alternative to invasive interventions. With its care system, Bdr Cosmetics offers the right treatment for every skin type to improve the skin's appearance effectively and sustainably, and with a high level of tolerance.

Made in Germany since 1998

The bdr cosmetics brand belongs to the Goldeneye cosmetics company, which was established through a long family tradition. With its long existence, the Goldeneye company has played a significant role in the cornerstones of today's cosmetics industry. The company was founded in 1998 by Holger Hoffmann, René La Fontaine and Gabriela La Fontaine, united from the beginning by passion, vision and dedication. Then as now, the name La Fontaine stands for innovation, highest quality and reliability in the cosmetics industry. "Giving people a new attitude towards life by bringing out their beauty is the ambition of Goldeneye Permanent System GmbH." In addition to bdr - beauty defect repair, the Goldeneye range includes brands such as Stageline for decorative cosmetics and WOB.

The bright future of your skin starts now

There are numerous skin problems: skin lacking moisture and in need of regeneration, sun-damaged and horny skin, sensitive and immunocompromised skin, impure, oily or inflamed skin, scars and wrinkles or tissue-weak skin - the wide-ranging care system from bdr Kosmetik offers the right method for every skin problem. From intensively cleansing wash lotions and cleansing gels such as Re-move to the refreshing Re-action Tonic Professional and the highly effective care creams such as Re-construct, the rich dermaceuticals from bdr keep the skin from drying out, promote the skin's own regeneration and make you glow again.

What makes the care products from bdr Cosmetic so special?

The focus of the bdr Cosmetic brand is on skin regeneration. Even though you can achieve quick results and visually smooth skin by using silicones, for example, nothing happens in the depth of the skin. Until now, many other conventional products and methods have failed to penetrate deep enough into the individual skin layers. The brand has managed to overcome this barrier with its innovative skincare system. The bdr laboratories have succeeded in creating a completely new series of biotechnological dermaceuticals. Using the so-called emulsion technology, the specialists combined valuable natural active ingredients with essences that have been optimised on a micromolecular level. The bdr cosmetic products help the skin to help itself and sustainably support its regeneration and natural skin functions - even in the case of allergies.

How quickly do you see results with the bdr Medical Beauty Concept?

bdr cosmetics treats the skin's problems causally, not just symptomatically. The brand's care products achieve immediately visible results that are long-lasting with regular and continuous use. Depending on the severity of the skin problem, it can take four to six weeks until the skin is completely regenerated. We at Bestkosmetik recommend that you use the products consistently, because this way you will not only get visible but also long-lasting results. 

Are bdr products an alternative to invasive procedures?

From injections to scar tissue reduction, invasive procedures are often considered. The care products from bdr can replace these sometimes painful interventions to a certain extent and, depending on the skin problem, without pain. With permanent use, the skin is not only visibly smoothed and tightened, but also the skin's own regeneration and the skin's protective barrier are sustainably improved.


Bestkosmetik met bdr and asked a few questions so that you can get a better impression of the brand: 

What differentiates bdr cosmetics from other skin care brands in the medical aesthetics market?

The focus is on skin regeneration. This is a completely different approach than that of many competitors. Most of them focus on quick results, e.g. with silicones, which make the skin look smooth, but do nothing in depth. bdr treats the skin's problems causally, not just symptomatically. This may take a little longer, but the skin thanks us with a lasting improvement in skin condition. We help the skin to help itself. In doing so, we remain true to the concept: as much active ingredient as possible and as few excipients as necessary. bdr works on the formulations with laboratories that, like us, also attach particular importance to high-quality ingredients. An effective dermaceutical is much more than just a hyped active ingredient that can be praised. The composition of all the ingredients and how they affect the skin is important. This starts with the choice of excipients, e.g. for preservation, through the active ingredients to the lipids. A balanced formula is applied by the user when the skin needs it and the skin can work with it. We have another presentation on the subject of excipients - we will send it to you. 

Are there bdr products that differ from those of competitors in the same category? What makes bdr cosmetics so unique?

The complete bdr product range deserves recognition and it is difficult to highlight one or more products in particular. The introduction of Re-charge PH 2019 has perfected the PH range. The three Pure Harmony products complement each other and care for stressed, blemished skin without weighing it down. However, two products can be highlighted in particular: Re-action Tonic is an active ingredient booster. The highly potent active ingredient cocktail with salicylic acid optimally prepares the skin for the subsequent care and, thanks to its unique transporter function, can channel the serums applied later deeper into the skin and thus potentiate the effect.  The anti-stress complex detoxifies, stabilises and additionally protects. Re-lax 3 is our "SOS Serum". It is the solution for almost every major problem. Syn-Ake is a tripeptide that visibly and lastingly smoothes expression lines. Other peptides activate the skin's own repair processes and are supported by phyto-active ingredients such as frankincense and grape skin extract. The formula is perfectly complemented by active ingredients that protect and stabilise the skin barrier. Re-lax 3 is therefore the perfect choice for irritated or atrophic, wrinkled skin - especially recommended for couperose and rosacea.

Will special bdr cosmetic products for the treatment of pigmentation disorders be developed soon?

As with all products, we attach great importance to the perfect formula. The product must meet all requirements and unfortunately, despite several years of research and development, we do not yet have a whitening product formula that is 100% convincing.

How quickly can you notice a difference when you reach for bdr products for the first time?

Depending on the treatment, we notice a WOW effect directly after the first treatment and see a positive result immediately. However, depending on the severity of the problem, it may well take 4-6 weeks for the skin to regenerate. Therefore, we usually offer bdr within a spa treatment and strongly recommend to use the products consistently at home as well. This way we not only get visible but also lasting results.

What does bdr do to stay up-to-date and competitive or to be a leader in the skin care industry?

We see it as our duty to constantly expand the bdr Medical Beauty Concept. Not chasing after every trend in active ingredients is also part of this. The range should not be senselessly inflated, but rather sensibly supplemented. The introduction of the bdr Body series, for example, took several years: from the initial idea to the testing of the active ingredients to the finished series, which interlocks and, as with the products for the face and décolleté, improves the skin in the long term. Some products are already in the final phase of development - be curious!

Step by step to beautiful skin - How do I apply bdr products correctly?

Step 1: Cleansing

Daily facial cleansing is essential for a soft and even complexion. Only thorough facial cleansing frees the skin from dead skin cells, sebum and make-up and thus optimally prepares it for subsequent bdr care products. The bdr cosmetic cleansing products can be used for every skin type:

Re-move Ultra Cleanser: The cleansing milk protects the skin's acid mantle, soothes it and has a regenerating effect. It is compatible with all skin types, but is ideal for mature, dry and impure skin. Apply 2-3 units of the cleansing milk to dry facial skin, massage into the face, neck and décolleté with circular movements and then remove with water. The aloe-based cleansing milk is ideal as a make-up remover. 

Our tip for you: Leave the product on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Only then wash it off. This way the fluid can unfold its effect, normalise stressed skin and actively work against acute impurities and inflammations. 

Step 2: Exfoliation & Peeling

Make your skin radiant again with the fruit acids from bdr. The products gently remove cornification, smooth fine lines and refine the skin's appearance. 

Re-action Tonic Professional: The intensive tonic with its balancing and vitalising effect is suitable for all skin types thanks to its compatible formula. The innovative active mechanisms nourish the skin with fine pores and freshness. The unique combination of plant essences gives the skin an immediate healthy radiance and the hop extract contained provides a visible lifting effect. Apply the tonic sparingly with a cotton pad 1-2 times a day after cleansing the face. 

Re-action natural low base skin refiner: The ultra-compatible AHA acid is ideal for dehydrated skin. The acid in the product is derived from large-molecule citric and lactic acid. This visibly refines the skin's appearance, minimises pores and has a firming effect. The innovative composition gently removes dead skin flakes, deposits and purifies the skin. Regular use greatly reduces the effects of sun-damaged skin. Apply the product 1-2 times a week in the evening after cleansing the face with a brush very thinly on the skin and remove it with a damp cloth after 10-15 minutes of exposure. Please avoid contact with mucous membranes. 

Re-action deep skin refiner: The ultra-compatible glycolic acid peel with fine molecules from lemons, milk and cane sugar noticeably and visibly refines the skin's appearance and is suitable for horny, impure, large-pored and oily skin. Uneven areas immediately become smoother, more even and appear much clearer. The pores are refined and the complexion shines clean and fresh. Sebum deposits are broken down and the skin is effectively purified. Apply the peeling in the evening 2-3 times a week very thinly with a brush. Remove the product after 10-15 minutes with a damp cloth. Please avoid contact with mucous membranes.     

Re-action E: The deep cleansing peeling with double effect gently keratolises and smoothes the skin. Pure bamboo powder and grated argan peels exfoliate the skin, while mild surfactants cleanse it evenly and intensively. Aloe vera moisturises the skin and the contained caffeine immediately stimulates cell metabolism. Apply Re-action E to a damp face, work it in for about 5 minutes until it foams. Then wash it off with water and enjoy a great skin feeling. The deep cleansing peel is suitable for all skin types and should be used 2-3 times a week. Afterwards, please apply a bdr serum or a bdr face cream.

Step 3: Serums 

The bdr serums contain genuine high-tech active ingredients that provide immediately visible results. They smooth, regenerate and moisturise the skin and are highly concentrated and highly effective. They offer the right arrow solution for every skin need and can be used in combination or alternately at any time. 

Re-charge PH: The Re-charge PH serum ensures a clear and pure complexion and is thus suitable for impure, oily and combination skin. The combination of high and low molecular hyaluron and lactil intensively moisturises the skin, the contained SEBOCLEARTM-MP has a balancing and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply the serum to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening after cleansing. Depending on the skin condition, you can use an additional bdr care product afterwards. 

Re-charge: The moisture booster for your skin - the contained small-molecule hyaluron, quenches your skin's thirst and restores the optimal moisture content of the top layer of skin. The panthenol has a calming and balancing effect. The product's highly compatible formula is optimal for oily, greasy and combination skin. Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing and before finishing care. 

Our tip for you: The light and ultra-quickly absorbed product moisturises after shaving and soothes the skin. 

Re-fine: The ultra-light fluid with its highly dosed care formula refines pores, smoothes the skin's appearance and stimulates cell renewal and the skin's own elastin synthesis. Veins are minimised, wound healing is accelerated and irritations are soothed. The fluid is ideal for mature, sensitive and oily skin. Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing. Can also be applied alone for oily skin. 

Re-lax 3: The intelligent and multi-layered serum works effectively against the signs of time - it slows down the skin ageing process, significantly reduces signs of ageing and activates the skin's repair processes. The contained tripeptide works specifically against expression lines and a selection of phyto-extracts protects the skin against free radicals, acts anti-allergenic, soothing, anti-inflammatory and supports regeneration even in inflammatory skin like rosacea or couperose. Apply the product in the morning and evening after cleansing. 

Step 4: Care  

To strengthen the skin barrier, for optimal moisturisation and to regenerate the skin, the final step follows: the bdr finishing care. Apply the bdr dermaceutical products in the morning and evening after cleansing and after the serums. 

Re-set 4D: The cell renewing eye care and lip balm with its 4-dimensional effect reduces the signs of time. The refreshing and light texture provides the delicate eye area with long-lasting moisture and soothes puffiness and dark circles. The sensitive and wrinkle-prone lip area is visibly smoothed and delicately nourished. Roll the ball of the applicator over the eye and lip area 2x daily and then gently pat in the product with your fingertips. 

Re-vital: The rich age-repair care emulsion for normal or dry skin types is an absolute must-have in the bdr system care. The skin is optimally moisturised, highly effective active ingredients ensure intensive vitalisation and firming of the entire skin. The skin's own cell repair system is stimulated again so that the skin can regenerate better. The light and velvety texture of the cream is quickly absorbed and is ideal as a make-up base. Apply the product in the morning and in the evening as a finishing care. 

Re-vital PH: Do you suffer from red, blemished, oily or sensitive skin? Then the Re-vital PH is suitable for your skin condition. The contained micronised silver has an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal effect. In addition, the multiple care emulsion soothes and regenerates the skin. The light and very pleasantly soft texture provides an active anti-ageing effect and a matt, even complexion. The product is ideal as a make-up base and should be applied to the skin in the morning and evening as a finishing care. 

Re-construct: The anti-age cream Re-construct is pure luxury for your skin. The cream's novel Age Repair Complex offers just the right care for very dry and sensitive skin. The synergistically coordinated peptide complexes in combination with plant-based, highly effective ingredients improve cell communication and delay the skin ageing process. The velvety texture of the cream and the rich, highly concentrated care ingredients provide a velvety, supple skin feeling. Apply the cream to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening after cleansing and bdr serums. 

Our tip for you: Ideal for winter sports enthusiasts - Even when the skin is under extreme stress, such as in winter, when skiing or with strong temperature fluctuations, the Re-construct ensures radiant and smooth skin.

bdr Cosmetics Body Care

The new body line from bdr has everything you could wish for when it comes to body care: The products are nourishing, firming, sculpting and smell simply heavenly good and luxurious. They act like a personal body-skin workout and achieve immediately visible results. Discover the effectively nourishing body care products by bdr now at Bestkosmetik. 

Re-firm Body Cream: The creamy, delicate moisturising emulsion instantly mischievous with the skin. It provides optimal moisture, creates a silky finish and leaves a visible firming effect. It effectively stimulates fat reduction and serves as a light lymphatic drainage. The delicate pigments of the cream provide a light shimmer on the skin. The cream leaves a luxurious, delicate fragrance and gives you a sensual wellness moment in your bathroom. Apply the emulsion to the entire body in the morning and evening and gently massage the product in. 

Contour Body Serum: With its collagen management, the serum provides an extra dose of firmness, radiance and an even skin surface. The skin's own production of high-quality collagens and elastin is activated, the contours are modelled and firmed. Apply the serum in the morning and/or evening to the area to be treated and massage in gently. You will be thrilled by the effectiveness.

Contour Neck Serum: The firming and remodelling neck and décolleté care with liposomal encapsulated glacier water is rich in minerals and trace elements. The active ingredients of the delicate deep care have been proven to provide a modelling effect. The serum protects against oxidative stress and environmental influences, the light texture absorbs quickly without weighing it down or leaving a residue. Apply the care to the neck and décolleté in the morning and/or evening.

Do you have questions about the bdr cosmetic care system? No problem, we will be happy to help you. Write us an e-mail or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.