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The Primavera brand stands for certified natural cosmetics made from essential oils and high-quality essences. The company, based in Oy-Mittelberg, not only attaches great importance to natural and exclusive ingredients, it is also committed to fair trade, relies on organic cultivation and completely dispenses with animal testing in product manufacture. The unique fragrance compositions of Primavera natural cosmetics ensure more well-being, relaxation and a pleasant atmosphere. From the Primavera oils to the Primavera facial care to the Primavera room fragrance and pillow sprays - discover the caring, revitalizing and cleansing products now at Bestkosmetik and let the power of nature convince you.

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Primavera Naturkosmetik was founded over thirty years ago and stands for high-quality, aromatic care products, essential oils and room fragrances of the highest quality. When manufacturing the product, the focus is on the careful and responsible treatment of nature and people. For this reason, the brand has been involved in numerous ecological cultivation projects worldwide for several years. There, Primavera Naturkosmetik promotes fair trade with local organic farmers, trains and informs production partners to ensure high product quality. The pure, natural plant powers from plant oils, combined with the exclusive, aromatic fragrance compositions, give the Primavera skin care products a very special strength. They touch body, mind and soul and have a beneficial effect on the skin and senses. The Primavera natural cosmetics, room fragrances and essential oils are 100% natural and of the highest quality. The oils are extracted directly from the parent plant. Be it vegetable oils, plant waters or extracts, Primavera products contain over 140 organic ingredients provided by international organic farmers. They are mainly developed from organic active ingredients and food emulsifiers as well as natural flavorings, colors and preservatives. Research, development and manufacturing takes place in the home laboratories and production halls in Oy-Mittelberg. The manufacturing process is animal-free and has already been awarded the NaTrue seal. 80% of the products belong to organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics with organic content.

"Our vision is to create an energy field of fragrance, light and joie de vivre: through holistically beneficial products, manufactured in harmony with nature, which increase the quality of life on the basis of pure natural plant powers." Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nuebling

The pure and highly effective Pirmavera natural cosmetics products achieve long-term and sustainable care results in the most natural way. They are optimally adapted to the various needs and provide the skin with all the important nutrients it needs to be healthy and beautiful. For example, native almond oil improves skin firmness or light chamomile oil provides relief for irritated, sensitive skin. The revitalizing Primavera body care products with nuances of ginger or lime give you energy in the morning. Powdery vanilla and delicate lavender, on the other hand, ensure relaxation in the evening.

The Primavera natural cosmetics guiding principles

1. A careful, respectful approach to nature, people and the environment 

2. The carefully manufactured Primavera products should ensure more well-being and joie de vivre 

3. The products are of the highest possible quality and purity 

4. Ecological cultivation projects and fair trade are always in focus 

5. The exchange of many years of qualified knowledge with experts and business partners 

6. A harmonious, balanced and exceptional work environment for employees

7. Transparency and fair agreements between the partnerships 

8. Forward-looking, courageous and solution-oriented action 

9. Mutual trust and respect in the company

Good to know: The Primavera brand was founded in 1986 in Oy-Mittelberg. It owes its name to the Roman goddess of spring, who stands for harmony and the invigorating power of nature. More than 30 years ago, the company started with three fragrance mixtures, which Primavera now sells organic and natural cosmetics products in over 30 countries.

Primavera is the market leader in aromatherapy

"For us at PRIMAVERA, aromatherapy is the merging of effect and well-being. We use the power of nature, which has a positive effect on body, mind and soul. We combine our love for people and nature in our products. With our essential oils and aromatherapeutic treasures, we increase well-being and promote health holistically."
Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nuebling

The high-quality, natural products increase well-being and promote general health. The pure, unadulterated plant extracts deliver their full potency and therapeutic properties. Thanks to the power of their natural ingredients, Primavera aromatic oils can be used in any situation and ensure relaxation, balance and relief. The wonderful scents have an invigorating, harmonious, rejuvenating and relaxing effect. The Primavera oils can also be mixed individually to intensify their exclusive effect. In the Primavera fragrance lamp, for example, the orange oil has a balancing and mood-enhancing effect. In addition, the products give the skin moisture, new elasticity and effectively boost the regeneration process. They have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and revitalizing effect.

Primavera Online Shop - Buy aromatic body care products and room fragrances online at Bestkosmetik

What are essential oils and how do they work?

Essential oils are mainly obtained from the leaves, flowers, seeds, shells or stems of the plant and shape their fragrance. They are mostly made up of carbon and hydrogen elements, and plants produce essential oils to protect themselves from bacteria. Essential oils are mainly used in aromatherapy to optimize illness or a negative mood. The Primavera oils come from organic farming and are 100% natural. They have a soothing, refreshing effect, reduce stress and tension, have a cooling and regenerating effect. The essential oils can be used pure or mixed. They absorb quickly and leave no greasy film on the skin. Avocado oil, apricot oil, calendula oil, jojoba oil or almond oil, the Primavera oils also have a positive and beneficial effect on body, mind and soul.

Important: The correct dosage of essential oils is particularly important as these are highly concentrated substances. In the worst case, excessive dosage can lead to allergic reactions and irritations. Therefore, always pay attention to the recommended application instructions from the manufacturer.

What is the difference between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics?

There is a small subtle difference between natural and organic cosmetics, because the proportion of controlled organic cultivation is significantly higher in organic cosmetics than in natural cosmetics. The ingredients must be at least 95% vegetable and approx. 10% must come from organically certified cultivation.

What effect do the Primavera fragrances have?

Benzoe Siam – the warm, sweet scent provides a feeling of security and is calming when you are tense and stressed, a true feel-good scent

Bergamot – the citrusy, sparkling scent helps with mood swings, has a strong calming and invigorating effect. Ideal for fears and tension.

Cajeput - refreshing, eucalyptus-like fragrance, ideal for colds.

Douglas fir – fresh, invigorating scent invites you to take a deep breath and is therefore ideal during the cold season.

Eucalyptus - fresh scent has an expectorant effect and lets you breathe deeply.

Spruce Needles – Spicy fresh scent frees stuffy noses and relieves tension. Has a strong anxiolytic effect and helps with mental tension.

Grapefruit – the sparkling, almost summery scent puts you in a good mood and supports the release of the body's endogenous hormones. In addition, grapefruit in care products stimulates the skin's metabolism.

Himalayan Cedar - the warm, balsamic scent helps relieve nervous tension and stress. It has a liberating and soothing effect, especially during the cold season.

St. John's Wort - smells like hay and warm. Has a mood-lifting and uplifting effect.

Immortelle – a tart-sweet fragrance relieves anxiety, helps in care products to relieve muscle tension and to regenerate the skin.

Chamomile – the warm, enveloping scent provides comfort, relieves tension and anxiety. In skin care, chamomile has a regenerating effect.

Pine needles - the forest-like, spicy scent has a regenerating effect on exhaustion. It improves the air in the room and counteracts cold symptoms.

Mountain pine - woody, resinous fragrance clears the air. In skin care, it stimulates blood circulation.

Lavender - fresh, herbaceous fragrance ensures a pleasant sleep and relieves restlessness and fears.

Lemongrass - aromatic, citrusy scent is refreshing and invigorating. Strengthens the immune system and promotes concentration.

Lime - refreshing, uplifting scent activates the body and senses.

Almond - nutty-sweet scent gives well-being, vitality and liveliness.

Lemon balm - fresh, lemon-like scent relieves tension and fears and has a constructive effect.

Orange – a warm, sweet scent has a mood-enhancing effect and gives you new energy. Ideal for inner tension and nausea.

Peppermint - refreshing, cooling scent relieves headaches and promotes concentration.

Rose Geranium - rosy, floral, warm scent relieves tension and anxiety. Has a harmonizing effect on the senses. In skin care, it effectively relieves itching.

Sage - spicy, fresh scent has a constructive effect and is ideal for a cold.

Tea Tree - fresh, herbaceous fragrance. In skin care, it has an antibacterial and clarifying effect.

Arolla pine - clear, fresh, woody scent ensures a good night's sleep, promotes concentration and relieves tension.

Lemon - fresh, fruity fragrance neutralizes odors, has a revitalizing effect and promotes concentration

Immerse yourself in an aromatic world of fragrances with Primavera and let the essential, highly effective oils pamper you and your skin.