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Our body skin is heavily influenced by harmful environmental factors, daily showering or clothing. Therefore, we should pay attention to our body skin and maintain it sufficiently. The body and sun care products from QMS Medicosmetics protect the health of the skin and supply it with lasting moisture. For well-groomed hands, the Replenishing Protection Hand Cream provides anti-aging effects. The hand cream protects the moisture and nutrient storage of the skin, absorbs immediately and leaves no greasy film. For protection against harmful UV rays, the Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50 PA +++ is optimal. The sun care with the innovative DNA Repair Complex actively prevents fine lines and wrinkles and is also suitable for extremely sun-sensitive skin. The care stimulates the pigmentation process of the skin and thus guarantees a uniformly beautiful tan. Discover the body and sun care products of QMS Medicosmetics now at Bestkosmetik, treat yourself and your body to a break and pamper your skin with high-quality ingredients.

QMS Medicosmetics
€ 12,95 GP: € 430,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 35,00 GP: € 470,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 85,00 GP: € 430,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 95,00 GP: € 3170,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 60,00 GP: € 300,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 28,95 GP: € 2900,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 100,00 GP: € 560,00/1 l

 QMS Medicosmetics - Body care: Everything for a well-groomed body 

Our largest organ is the skin. It offers protection against external environmental influences and is structured in such a way, due to evolution, that it does not need much care and regenerates itself. Unfortunately, modern life today presents our skin with great challenges. Exhaust fumes, fine dust, extreme temperature fluctuations and UV rays demand a lot from it. The body care products of QMS Medicosmetics support the skin in the regeneration process, rebuild its protective barrier and care for it particularly gently.


The daily care of the body skin increases the preservation and the physical well-being. The body care products of QMS Medicosmetics ensure a long lasting youthful appearance, more elasticity and help to protect the skin from drying out. The light textures and beneficial ingredients are quickly absorbed and are optimally absorbed by the skin.

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Replenishing Protection Hand Cream: The intensively moisturizing and effectively protecting hand cream is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film on the skin. The deeply hydrating formula helps to promote the skin's natural moisture balance and slow down the skin's aging process. The firmness and elasticity of the skin is increased with regular use. 

Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50 PA+++: Light sun protection care with balanced UVA and UVB protection filter. Protects the skin against sunburn and light-induced skin aging. It strengthens the skin's immune system and stimulates repair mechanisms

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