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Ultra Pure Solutions Pearl & Gold

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Product number: 3458696 Size / content: 150 ml

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A Refiner For Luminous Radiance.

ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS Pearl & Gold Facial Nano Spray evens out visible imperfections in the skin and lightens pigments.
This gives skin an even, refined, and luminescent appearance. The combination of highly potent active agents and skincare ingredients invigorates skin, restoring resilience and giving it a radiant shine.

Apply ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS Pearl & Gold Facial Nano Spray to clean skin, preferably in the morning and evening, to achieve optimum effectiveness. Simply hold the sprayer about 10 cm in front of your face and spray 2–3 times evenly over the skin. Please keep your eyes and mouth closed. Once it has been allowed to set in, additional individual skincare products can be applied as required.
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