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Take a deep breath, let yourself fall and relax: After a long day, it is a real treat to rid the skin of make-up and sebum. It not only refreshes the mind and soul, but also makes our skin more receptive to subsequent creams or serums. The line Ligne Démaquillant by Maria Galland offers the right cleaning product for every skin condition. From the mild cleansing foam 60 Gel Démaquillant Fraîcheur to the deep cleansing mask 2 Masque Souple for an even, fine complexion. For a moment of freshness, lightness and a beautiful radiant complexion with the masks and cleansing products of the line Ligne Démaquillant by Maria Galland - Discover now at Bestkosmetik.

Cleansers & Peelings

Facial cleansing by Maria Galland - completely at peace with yourself

Take a deep breath, let go, feel good. Leave everyday life behind. Come to rest and start your next adventure with esprit. Anyone who has an eventful life and faces new challenges every day needs a nice, pleasant cleansing ritual that gives new energy. With the facial cleansing from Maria Galland, the skin is gently cleansed, traces of make-up are removed and the facial skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent care of Maria Galland products. Facial cleansing by Maria Galland a line that refreshes body and mind.

The base for a beautiful complexion is the cleansing, because our skin produces fats every day, in addition, make-up and other deposits stick and clog the pores. Clogged pores can cause skin problems. The facial cleansing products from Maria Galland free the skin of all dirt particles and prepare it optimally for subsequent care products. In order not to unbalance the skin, facial cleansing should always be adapted to the skin type. The mattifying, alcohol-free face lotion with gentle peeling effect 62 Lotion Hydra Matité is suitable for every skin type, but especially for oily and impure skin. The gentle 41 Doux Gommage Visage peeling cream with finely rounded micro-pearls gently frees the complexion from dead skin and ensures an even complexion. The mild products of the Soin Dermatoloqique line are suitable for very sensitive skin. These are free from fragrances, parabens, paraffins or synthetic dyes. You can find more effective Maria Galland cleaning products here.


Maria Galland cleaning products bestseller

60 Gel Démaquillant Fraicheur: Foaming cleansing gel for normal to oily skin 
How to use: Foam the gel in the palms of the hands with water, apply it to the face and neck, massage in and wash off with water. Use morning and evening.

62 Lotion Hydra Matité: Mattifying, alcohol-free face lotion with a gentle peeling effect. For all skin types, especially oily and blemished skin.
How to use: Soak a cotton ball in the lotion and rub it over your face and neck. Use the product after the 60 Gel Démaquillant Fraicheur.

41 Doux Gommage Visage: Refining cream peeling for quick deep cleansing of the skin
How to use: Apply the scrub to the moistened face with gentle circular movements and massage it in. Then rinse with clean water. Clarify the skin with the gently melting cleansing milk 61 Lait Démaquillant Douceur. Use one to three times a week, depending on the complexion Our tip for you: Apply the peeling to dry skin in the case of severe cornification.

65A Lotion Demaquillante Yeux: 2-phase lotion for removing make-up from the eyes, fragrance-free with active ingredient-rich hydro-lipid phases.
How to use: Shake the product before use. Put on a cotton pad, press gently on the closed eyes and wipe outwards. Also dissolves waterproof make-up. Is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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