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Comfort Zone

Skin Regimen Night Detox

Regenerating Night Mask

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Product number: 12157 Size / content: 50 ml

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Revitalizing and regenerating night mask gives tired skin new vitality and a fresh complexion in the morning.
The Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Night Detox Mask promotes skin regeneration and thus promotes the elimination of toxins that accumulate on our skin during the day. The natural, balancing aroma of the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Night Detox Mask invigorates your body and mind and helps your skin to regenerate and detoxify overnight.

Apply in the evening after cleaning and leave it on overnight.

Comfort Zone
€ 59,00 GP: € 3930,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 82,50 GP: € 3300,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 50,50 GP: € 920,00/1 kg
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