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The skin, with one and a half to two square meters, is the largest human organ. It breathes, absorbs, detoxifies and protects our body against damaging environmental influences. For these functions to function smoothly, however, the skin itself relies on a protective shield: the microbiome. The skin microbiome refers to the sum of all microorganisms on or in the body, such as bacteria, fungi or viruses. They form a symbiosis on our skin and form a protective barrier that repels pathogens, balances the skin flora and heals wounds faster. If the balance of the microorganisms is disturbed, such as an unhealthy lifestyle or harmful environmental pollution, it can lead to skin problems. To prevent these consequences, it is important to look after the skin with probiotic cosmetics. These are products that are provided with living microorganisms that establish the microbiome and restore and permanently strengthen the balance of the skin. From the Ylumi Belly Beauty Capsules for a balanced intestinal flora and digestion, to the rich cream Intensive Moisture Balance by Dermalogica, discover the strengthening microbiome products for your skin now at Bestkosmetik.

Microbiome Skin Care
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 44,95 GP: € 3000,00/1 l
QMS Medicosmetics
€ 166,95 GP: € 5570,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 21,95 GP: € 1830,00/1 l
Comfort Zone
€ 51,95 GP: € 1730,00/1 l
bdr - beauty defect repair
€63,00 € 51,95 GP: € 1730,00/1 l
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