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Comfort Zone

Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50

Complexion Corrector

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Product number: 11964 Size / content: 40 ml

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Sublime Skin Color Perfect SPF 50 is a rich facial care that ensures an even complexion during the day.
Krambe oil, a natural oil and rich in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, provides the upper skin layers with sufficient moisture. It slows down the premature skin aging process and protects the skin from wind, frost and sun rays. The nourishing property ensures that signs of irritated skin are visibly reduced. Valuable ingredients also make the skin appear smoother, firmer and more even. The skin is protected from drying out and feels supple and pleasant. With the Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Color Perfect day cream, the skin appears plump, even and shines with a particularly balanced expressiveness.

In the morning, apply the Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Color Perfect day cream to the cleansed face and massage in gently. Avoid the eye area. Then apply the usual facial care and, if desired, the make-up.

Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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