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Eyebrow Renewing Serum

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Product number: 667545 Size / content: 5 ml

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Eyebrow Renewing Serum.

With the EYEBROWS RENEWING SERUM, brows take on every new trend. The highly effective activating serum naturally regenerates sparse or overplucked brows. Within six to eight weeks, it produces new, unimagined fullness: Current and neutral studies prove that the serum improves eyebrow growth and thickness by over 80%. The EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM stimulates natural eyebrow growth thanks to the innovative, and proven effective, active ingredient complex. The result: Thick, well-groomed eyebrows and a wide range of new styling possibilities.
Using the specially designed applicator, apply the  Eyebrow Renewing Serum (BRS) directly to those places where you would like to improve the look of your eyebrows. Use the Eyebrow Renewing Serum (BRS) once a day – for best results in the evening after removing your make-up – on clean, dry eyebrows. Allow a brief period for the serum to absorb before applying your usual skin care products. You will see visible changes in the shape and fullness of your eyebrows within just four to six weeks. Independent studies confirm that eyebrow thickness is increased by up to 83%.
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