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Eyelash Comb

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Product number: 667546 Size / content: 1 piece

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Quick Change Artists Eyelash Comb.

Professional eyelash styling in an instant: The innovative eyelash comb from M2 BEAUTÉ provides a striking effect and gives your appearance that certain je ne sais quoi. Precision-manufactured and impressive in design and function, this eyelash comb is an essential tool to add the perfect finishing touch for dazzlingly beautiful and beguilingly natural eyes. An absolute must-have for your personal eye styling kit.
Surprisingly simple and impressively effective: Not only does the ergonomic design and elegant, specially developed handle of the eyelash comb fit perfectly and comfortably in your hand, but its rounded steel teeth give you perfect, professionally styled lashes. As a result, mascara and the Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex (ECCC)) can be evenly applied exactly where you want along your lashes, separating them at the same time.
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