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Hybrid Second Skin Mask

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Product number: 54000289 Size / content: 5 piece

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Algea power for the skin in an innovative care mask consisting on natural material for a smooth, even skin appearance. 

The ULTRA PURE SOLUTIONS Hybrid Second Skin Mask Brown Alga has an intensely moisturizing and skin-smoothing effect. Thanks to an innovative brown alga mineral complex that works in the deepest layers of the epidermis, the skin is intensely moisturized, wrinkles are filled and the face is left looking revitalized. Calcium and sodium ions stimulate the energy of your cells and boost the firmness of their membranes.

The bioactive substances remain sealed in the brown alga carrier material until moistened and are first activated when wetted with ultrapure, slightly alkaline water -this allows the mask to lie on the face like a second skin. The highly effective face mask achieves its skin-smoothing, lifting and contouring effect after only a few minutes.

Cleanse and dry your face before moistening the upper half of the face with the activator fluid (Ultra Pure Water) and placing the first part of the mask. Proceed as well with the lower half of the face and apply the activator fluid to the entire face. Press lightly and leave to work for 10-15 minutes.  


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